New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio Blasts Domino’s For Selling $30 Pizzas To New Year’s Eve Revelers

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was steaming mad over the prices Domino’s was charging to New Year’s Eve revelers desperate for food.

As the New York Post reported, a Domino’s pizzeria in Midtown Manhattan was caught selling pizzas for $30 each to the thousands who were penned in to watch the ball drop in Times Square. The New York mayor took to Twitter to put the chain on blast, accusing it of taking advantage of people who had few other options for food during the hours they spent outdoors waiting to ring in 2020.

“Jacking up your prices on people trying to celebrate the holidays? Classy, @dominos,” de Blasio wrote on the official city account, linking to a screenshot of a headline about Domino’s from the New York Post.

“To the thousands who came to Times Square last night to ring in 2020, I’m sorry this corporate chain exploited you — stick it to them by patronizing one of our fantastic LOCAL pizzerias.”

As the report noted, the tweet actually drew some pushback from commenters who noted that other companies like Uber raise their prices in times of higher demand, so they wondered why he would single out Domino’s. The ridesharing company employs higher prices for busier times, including holidays like New Year’s Eve. Other commenters noted that de Blasio cited the New York Post even though he frequently tangled with the largely conservative news outlet.

The New York Post’s report noted that tourists who traveled to Times Square to see the ball drop didn’t seem to mind the high price for Domino’s, and the more than double-priced pizzas were selling briskly.

“It’s absolutely worth it. It was hot. It seems like it just came out of the oven,” said 31-year-old Amit Zanwar of New Jersey, noting that he was keeping an eye out for the deliveryman who was making a killing in hawking the pies.

“If he comes back, I will buy some more.”

It was also not clear if the cheaper options that de Blasio was pitching — New York City is famous for its $1 pizza slices — were willing to deliver into the New Year’s Eve crowds.

Bill de Blasio’s angry tweet against Domino’s may have generated a bit more interest given his recent foray into the Democratic primary. The New York City mayor threw his hat in the ring for the 2020 nomination, though ended up bowing out back in September amid low poll numbers and tepid fundraising.

The New York mayor’s attack on Domino’s generated interest from The Hill, tucked alongside stories about the 2020 candidates and Donald Trump.

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