January 2, 2020
John And Lonnie Hambrick Weight-Loss: See Amazing Progress The Brothers Made After 'My 600-LB Life'

John and Lonnie Hambrick came to My 600-LB Life carrying years worth of mental and emotional baggage on top of their frames that each topped 600 pounds. However, the brothers have since made some amazing progress and are sharing some of their weight-loss pictures with fans.

The brothers were featured on the Season 8 premiere of the TLC docu-series, which showed the series of traumatic life events that led them each to gain a dangerous amount of weight. As People Magazine noted in a preview of their My 600-LB Life episode, the 36-year-old Lonnie explained that he found a lack of support after coming out to his family as gay, and both he and 35-year-old John turned to food for comfort.

By the time they went on the show, Lonnie topped the scales at 612.7 pounds while John stood at 686.5. In a preview for the episode, Lonnie said that neither had been able to get weight-loss surgery so they knew it would take a dramatic change in their mentality in order to start their journeys to a healthier weight.

"This trip is one of hope for me and I'm glad we're both doing it because I want both of us to get healthy so we can be part of each other's lives for a long time," Lonnie said.

It appears they were both able to find the proper motivation. As Distractify noted, both John and Lonnie were able to drop close to half their body weight through their time on and after My 600-LB Life. Lonnie noted that he dropped 245 pounds, putting him at 368 by the end of the show's taping. John lost even more weight, dropping close to 300 pounds to put him at 393 at the end of the show. That put them among the better-performing patients to appear on the show, where people can often struggle against the mental health issues that caused them to gain a dangerous amount of weight in the first place.

John Hambrick has also updated fans on his weight-loss journey through a Facebook page that tracked his weight loss after My 600-LB Life. He included some photos of his family, including a trip to a Dallas Cowboys game that would not have been possible before his dramatic weight loss.

Those who want to see more updates from John and Lonnie Hambrick can check out the My 600-LB Life official page, which includes regular updates from people featured on the show.