Alex Trebek's Wife Jean Reveals The Hardest Part About His Cancer Diagnosis

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek has been open and honest about his health struggles since he was first diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer this spring. He's been swarmed by support from fans throughout the peaks and valleys of his health problems. Now, his wife Jean Trebek is speaking candidly about her husband's cancer battle and what aspect has been the most challenging for her, which is helplessly watching him endure his health struggles, according to ABC News.

Jean and Alex have been married for an incredible 29 years and have learned to lean upon one another for support. But Jean is now unable to help her husband in the way that she'd like.

The hardest part is to see her husband "in pain and I can't help him," she said.

While maintaining a lighthearted tone, she also joked that it is painful to watch him make poor health choices in regards to what he is consuming.

"Too much diet soda," she said, laughing.

Alex has had a positive attitude about his diagnosis since the beginning, promising fans that he intended to fight the cancer to the best of his ability. However, the disease has taken its toll on him not only physically, but mentally as well. The television host has talked about suffering from depression as a result of his health battles. He's particularly grateful for his wife who cares for him even when he isn't in the best mood, he explained.
"It's always tough for caretakers because she has to deal with her worrying about my well-being and also dealing with… I'm not always the most pleasant person to be around when I'm experiencing severe pain or depression, and she has to tread lightly around me."
After being diagnosed with cancer, Alex underwent chemotherapy, and doctors told him he was doing much better, near remission even. Unfortunately, the cancer came back in full force. Doctors are now having to change his treatment to better fight the disease.

The game show host is well aware that because of the low survival rates of his type of cancer, he might not have that much longer to live. But he said that he has found comfort in the many messages he's received from fans telling him what an impact he had on their lives.

Most recently, Alex was seen smiling and laughing in a behind-the-scenes video for a DriveTime commercial, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Fans were relieved to see him in good spirits.