Miley Cyrus Is Ready To Party In New Year's Eve Post On Instagram

Miley Cyrus appears ready to party in a New Year's Eve pre-gala post on Instagram, where the singer and actress is seen sporting a crown in a close-up shot. In the image, Miley is seen with her eyes closed, her long blond hair tousled and loose, framing her face. She is wearing a paper crown on her head that reads "Cheers."

The "Mother's Daughter" singer has her chin resting on her left hand, which sports a large ring on her middle finger. The photo appears to be taken in a vehicle, and Miley is wearing a black leather jacket with a black top underneath.

Miley is pursing her lips, which are colored a pale pink to match the muted hue of her makeup palette.

The serene image of the superstar drove Instagram users wild, who shared their appreciation for the post in its accompanying comments section.

"I love you so much, queen! You look incredible," said one follower of the former Disney Channel star.

"Queen. May you find many reasons for happiness this holiday season and throughout 2020 my friend," said a second admirer of the singer.

"Mood Miley Cyrus!" said a third fan on the social media sharing site.

The singer has been using Instagram regularly since she fell ill in November of this year, taking a breather from the social media site after having vocal chord surgery.

Just hours before this post, Miley shared several side-by-side images of herself, reposted from other sites on Twitter of pics taken in 2010, the beginning of the decade, vs. 2019, the end of the decade.

The fun photos showed the evolution of the singer, who changed her style and endured many other personal changes throughout the decade.

As 2010 began, Miley had dark brown hair and had just begun dating the actor who would eventually become her husband, Liam Hemsworth. The two met on the set of The Last Song, the film based on the Nicholas Sparks novel where the two played young lovers.

Over the following 10 years, Miley became engaged to, broke off her engagement from, and reunited with Liam, eventually marrying the actor in December 2018. They would break up eight months later.

Miley would then date Kaitlynn Carter on the heels of her split from Liam, after declaring herself as gender fluid in 2015. This was her first public relationship with a woman. Miley would later date Cody Simpson, whom she continues to be in a relationship with to this day.