Student Stripped Of Scholarship After Putting Semen In Breath Mint Drops

Saginaw, MI – An 18-year-old student has lost his scholarship after being found guilty of putting semen in a bottle of breath mint drops and distributing it to fellow students.

Jordan T. Drake (pictured below) carried out his prank in May 2012, placing semen in a bottle of “Ice Drops” mouthwash. However, the vile joke backfired on Drake when a student who ingested the drops reported the incident to police; “adulterating” a food item is a felony violation.

The former high school student pleaded guilty to his crime in January. Sentencing Drake at the time to 18 months probation, Judge Robert L. Kaczmarek revealed the teen’s arrest record would be sealed immediately, and will remain sealed should Drake successfully complete his probation period. Charges will also be dismissed if the 18 months pass without a hitch.

The case has had serious personal repercussions for Drake, with the former student losing a prized scholarship at Michigan State University and an internship at Dow Chemical Company.

MiNBC News previously revealed that Drake was a high achiever at Saginaw Arts Sciences Academy. Prior to committing his misguided prank, the teenager had won science fair and quiz bowl awards. He also had enough units to graduate, but was not banned by his school from taking part in commencement ceremonies.

Reflecting on the trick at the time of the original trial, parent Sandra Riebschleger remarked: “I am surprised, really, for someone to think of something like that. I’m just amazed as some of the things these teenagers think of to pull as a prank.”

What do you think of the punishment meted out to Drake for his prank?

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