Donald Trump Leads Top 2020 Democrats In Head-To-Head Matchups, Says Poll

A new Zogby Analytics poll released Sunday shows Donald Trump leading the top 2020 Democrats in head-to-head matchups, Breitbart reports.

Trump beat Democratic front-runner Joe Biden by one percentage point, with the president earning 46 percent support compared to Biden's 45 percent. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — currently second in overall polling behind Biden — fares slightly worse than the former vice president: Trump beats Sanders 47 percent to 45 percent.

In a matchup against Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Trump gains 47 percent support to Warren's 43 percent, and against South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Trump earns 45 percent to Buttigieg's 41 percent. Against businessman Michael Bloomberg, Trump gains 44 percent support to Bloomberg's 43 percent.

Among important swing voters, Trump leads Biden with independents, consumer blocs-NASCAR fans, weekly Walmart shoppers, and weekly Amazon shoppers. He also leads among the most vulnerable voters: those that have lost a job, are afraid of losing a job, at a job that pays less, and gone without food for 24 hours. Conversely, Biden is beating Trump with suburban women, who will reportedly play an essential role in the 2020 presidential election.

As for Sanders, who is widely believed to be the other serious contender against Trump, he is beating Trump among the youngest voters, independents, suburban voters, small city voters, suburban women, and minorities. Conversely, Trump is winning among union voters, consumers-NASCAR fans, weekly Walmart shoppers, and suburban women. The pair is tied among voters with no college degrees, while Trump interestingly leads Sanders among voters with college degrees.

"Trump continues to win narrow races against the Democratic front runners. Trump wins by as little as a percentage point with Bloomberg, Biden and Sanders. Trump is winning by four percentage points against Buttigieg and Warren," the report reads.

"Right now Bloomberg is running closest with the president by a point, but Biden and Sanders lurk in the background, ready to pounce and take over the mantel. Biden continues to hang around and Sanders is considered a viable option again."
A recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll showed similar results, with Trump leading all of his top 2020 Democratic opponents in hypothetical head-to-heads. Specifically, Trump beat Biden by three percentage points, Sanders by five points, and Warren by eight points. Against Buttigieg and Bloomberg, Trump won by 10 percentage points and nine points, respectively.

According to a Republican voter polled who spoke out about their decision, Trump will likely win in 2020 even in the face of impeachment. Another voter surveyed said they like Trump's "attitude" and believe the president follows through on his word. Conversely, another suggested that they will vote for any Democratic nominee as long as they can beat Trump.