‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Scheduling Notes For New Year’s Week Tease Regrets, Good Intentions, Bad News

Carolyn Hennesy stars as Diane on 'General Hospital'.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 30 tease that there will be a lot of chaos packed into a few new episodes. New shows are slated to air on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, and viewers will not want to miss what’s ahead.

During Monday’s episode, Carly will struggle over the secret she’s been keeping with Jax. Sonny is pushing her to admit what she’s hiding and General Hospital spoilers note that she’ll meet with Jax to discuss the increasingly contentious situation.

According to Soap Central, Jax will talk with Carly and he will also visit Wyndemere. General Hospital spoilers hint that this week things will get physical between Jax and Valentin as Valentin prepares to wed Nina.

As things intensify with the Cassadine chaos, it seems that Willow will be facing some regrets. She is happy with Chase, but she has also navigated some mixed feelings over the pregnancy scare she recently had.

Willow has grown close to Michael and has a relationship with “Wiley,” but this week she’ll have to cope with some emotional struggles. Unfortunately, she’ll face even more angst at some point soon. General Hospital spoilers suggest that it won’t be much longer before she learns that Wiley isn’t the son she placed for adoption.

Ned will pop up this week and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will do something with the best of intentions that may not go as he planned. Laura will have chats with both Curtis and Charlotte while Jason will go through some confusion and worries.

General Hospital spoilers note that Diane will be making an appearance or two during the week of New Year’s. Unfortunately, she will have bad news to share with somebody.

It sounds as if Diane will connect with multiple clients over the next few days, which would seem to suggest that she will probably be talking with both Sam and Willow about their respective cases. According to SheKnows Soaps, her appearance on Friday brings terrible news for somebody.

Nina will have some mixed feelings as she prepares for her wedding and takedown of Valentin and General Hospital spoilers signal that Valentin will get help of some sort from Sasha.

On Tuesday, viewers will see an encore episode of General Hospital, and on Wednesday, sports programming will air instead of a new show. However, the action picks up again on Thursday and fans should be able to look forward to a nice stretch of new episodes from there.

Will Nina expose Valentin or decide to stay with him? Will Nikolas’ presence in Port Charles be revealed this week? Will the Wiley baby bombshell finally drop? General Hospital spoilers hint that things are going to get pretty crazy and fans cannot wait to watch.