WWE News: Charlotte Flair Shares Celebratory Photo Of Her And Boyfriend Andrade

This weekend, WWE superstar Charlotte Flair took to Twitter and shared a picture of her and boyfriend Andrade. The photo appears to have been taken after Andrade’s shocking United States Championship victory at a recent Madison Square Garden House show, where he beat Rey Mysterio to win the coveted prize.

The photo — which has received over 700 retweets and 10,000 likes at the time of this writing — depicts Andrade holding his championship and smiling while Flair plants a kiss on his cheek. It’s a moment of pure elation for the couple, who revealed the details of their relationship back in February.

The couple’s fans also shared their delight in the comments section. One social media user claimed that they both look “GORGEOUS as always.”

“You two are so stinking cute!!! I just love you guys,” wrote another user.

Referencing the title up and the attire Flair is wearing in the picture, another tweeter said that “purple and silver go so well together” and noted how “proud” she looked during her man’s big moment.

The general sentiment throughout the comments, however, was congratulatory towards Andrade winning the gold. The Mexican superstar is one of the company’s most promising stars, and despite playing a heel character on television, the WWE Universe clearly appreciates his talent and feels that he deserves a push.

Flair has also been a key factor in Andrade becoming a popular Monday Night Raw superstar. As The Inquisitr recently reported, he opened up about their relationship and revealed how his girlfriend has helped him improve as a performer. According to Andrade, she’s helped him with his promo work and how to handle the cameras.

For many fans, the picture will be their first time learning that there is a new United States Champion. Titles don’t often change hands at non-televised events, and the decision to have Andrade win this way will undoubtedly make fans more interested in keeping up to date with the company’s house show developments.

Andrade winning the title could also pave the way for other rising stars being pushed. As documented by WrestlingNews.co, Paul Heyman reportedly wants to push him alongside Humberto Carillo, and the recent program between the pair is WWE’s way of trying to get both superstars over with the fans.

Now that Andrade and Carillo have a championship to fight over, their ongoing feud has higher stakes attached to it, which should make for some very entertaining matches between the high flyers.

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