WWE News: Andrade Opens Up About Relationship With Charlotte Flair

WWE superstars Andrade and Charlotte Flair have been dating for a while now, and their relationship appears to be helping their careers evolve. As translated by Sportskeeda, Andrade recently sat down with Super Luchas, where he shared how he and the former Women’s Champion give each other advice.

“As we live in Orlando we train at the Performance Center. She helps me a lot, gives me advice on how to handle the cameras, the promos. She knows a lot about all that. And I have taught her what I learned in Mexico and Japan. Moves, holds, how to get hit, how to hit, how to show more personality, many things she likes. She gives me advice, I give her advice. We are always helping each other, and that benefits us a lot in the relationship we currently have.”

Andrade joined WWE in 2015, and competed on the NXT brand until last year. Upon being promoted to the main roster, he joined the SmackDown Live brand, only to move to Monday Night Raw in the subsequent Superstar Shake-Up. During that time, he met Flair and they became a couple.

He has been publicly dating Flair since February of this year, though it is unknown if they were an item before they announced their relationship to the rest of the world. The couple also reportedly got engaged back in April, but as Pro Wrestling Sheet noted shortly afterward, the news was a rumor.

Flair recently opened up about how much the pair assist each when it comes to improving their skills. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she revealed that she helps Andrade with some “nuances,” while his knowledge of the business has been beneficial to her.

According to Flair, Andrade has helped her regain her confidence following WrestleMania 35, as she wasn’t sure where her career was going after feuding with Becky Lynch. She also noted that Andrade understands her approach to the business as they both come from wrestling families.

At the time of this writing, both Andrade and Flair compete as members of the red brand. While their relationship is public knowledge outside of the ring, WWE has yet to acknowledge it on television.

However, as noted by Digital Spy, Andrade is open to the idea of being paired up with his girlfriend in a storyline. For the time being, though, both performers are focusing on their solo careers, so it might be a while before they team up on Monday Night Raw.

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