Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Buys Christmas Gifts For Teammates And Is Criticized For It

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the best teams in the NFL this year and could have an MVP to go along with a possible Super Bowl ring at the end of it all. In just his second season, quarterback Lamar Jackson is having a great career year, and he wanted to thank some teammates with a Christmas present for their help. Unfortunately, a former fan is now looking down on him for his festive actions and feels he made the wrong decision.

This season, Jackson has thrown for more than 3,000 yards and has 36 passing touchdowns. He has rushed for more than 1,200 yards and has seven rushing touchdowns. He’s done all of this with the help of his wide receivers, his running backs, and especially the offensive line who protects him and keeps him upright.

He’s put together that stat line, and he won’t even be playing in the final regular season game due to the Ravens having locked up the AFC’s top seed. To show his thankfulness, Jackson went out and bought Christmas presents for his entire offensive line in the form of Rolex watches.

It’s seems a small price to pay for those who have protected him on the field during this amazing run by the Ravens this season. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that Jackson’s gesture of goodwill is one that should have been done as he’s now being criticized for giving the Christmas gifts.

In a “Readers Respond” message to the Baltimore Sun, a reader by the name of Karen Price said that she is disappointed in Lamar Jackson. She said that she had high hopes for the Ravens, but reading about the Rolex watches that Jackson gave as gifts, things have since changed.

Price believes that all the players can afford their own Rolex watches and that Jackson should have simply bought them dinner. The money that was spent on the watches could have been donated to charity instead and done so in the name of his offensive linemen.

“Those players can all afford their own Rolexes, so it is very discouraging that someone didn’t give him a little guidance. It just flaunts the amount of money they make and don’t know what to do with. Sorry, Lamar, I am not such a big fan now.”

It may go without saying, but this criticism of Jackson has not been met with much support on social media.

Many others said that Karen Price doesn’t pay much attention as Lamar Jackson donates to charities quite often. Another Twitter user called the comments “disgusting and ignorant” due to not knowing what Jackson may do for charity behind closed doors. The Baltimore Ravens are having an incredible season, and their young quarterback is doing great things, but not everyone is always on the same page.

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