77 Rabbits Seized From Animal Hoarders

77 Rabbits Seized From Animal Hoarder

Seventy-seven rabbits were seized from alleged animal hoarders in Dunwoody, Georgia. Three people were arrested when authorities found their home overrun with an excessive number of pet rabbits.

Dunwoody police officers went to the home to serve an arrest warrant on one of the residents. Officers stated that the original warrants were for a probation violation.

Upon entering the home, the officers realized that the family’s home was full of rabbits. As reported by WSBTV, the first indication was an overpowering odor of urine. Officers observed numerous rabbits wandering around the home.

The police report, provided by The Smoking Gun, states that there was “copious amounts of rabbit feces… observed on the ground, beds, couches, counters, and throughout the house.” Police also noted that the scene appeared to be an animal “hoarding” situation.

Officers contacted DeKalb County Animal Control officers, who responded to rescue the rabbits. Officials report that a total of 77 rabbits were seized from the home. Twelve were taken by animal control officers, and 63 were transported to an animal farm specializing in rabbits.

Authorities arrested the three residents, Jessica Ly, age 42, Dana Guevara, age 48, and Louis Massood, age 47. All three were arrested on animal cruelty charges, drug possession, and outstanding warrants.

The homeowners reportedly stated that the rabbits were rescued, and they were attempting to find them permanent homes. Unfortunately, many of the rabbits showed signs of neglect.

Neighbors report that they never noticed anything unusual about the family. They recall seeing rabbits in the yard but didn’t think anything of it. They were shocked to learn that their neighbors were hoarding over 70 rabbits in their home.


As discussed by the ASPCA, that is often the case, as many animal hoarders seem “normal.” Often they truly believe they are helping the animals. Many animal hoarders start with the intention of rescuing animals but at some point become overwhelmed.

The 77 rabbits seized from the home in Georgia may have been part of a rescue effort, but the homeowners were apparently unable to give them proper care.

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