Denise Richards Threatened After Charlie Sheen’s Dog Poo Tweets [Rumor]

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Denise Richards has reportedly received threatened in response to ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s dog poop tweets. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sheen expressed his anger at the Viewpoint School for allegedly allowing the bullying of the daughter he shares with Richards. The Anger Management star went public with the complaints about the school last week.

Charlie Sheen noted on Twitter that Denise Richards and their daughters had endured taunts and threats over the past weekend. Threatening letters were supposedly knifed to a tree outside of Richards’ home. Sheen’s encouragement for fans to toss dog poop at the Viewpoint school was reportedly the reason for the angst directed at Richards and the girls.

The celebrity couple pulled Sam and sister Lola out of the Viewpoint school last year. A press release from the school claims that bullying is taken very seriously at the private education center. The statement, without using any names, maintained that the scenario currently making headlines was reviewed and necessary was action taken.

The actor stated that his ex-wife got several threatening letters and he believes they are from Viewpoint parents. Both Sheen and Richards live in the same gated community. Some of their neighbors reportedly have children that go to the private Southern California school where the bullying allegedly went unchecked. Some parents from the school allegedly want to press criminal charges against Sheen for his potentially action-inducing tweets.

Sheen also allegedly noted that some of their neighbors also took their children out of the Viewpoint School because their children had suffered the same fate as little Sam. The threatening letters Denise Richards received have supposedly been turned over to law enforcement officers.

The movie star also stated on his Twitter page that Sam was not only bullied until she left the school, but that she was also called a liar as well. The alleged bully was a girl identified only as Victoria. Denise Richards allegedly wishes her ex-husband had not gone public with the detail of Sam’s ordeal, but feels that his heart is in the right place.

What do you think about Charlie Sheen’s tweets about the alleged bullying of his daughter?

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