‘Battlefield 4’ Teaser And Rumors

'Battlefield 4' rumors and teaser

Battlefield 4 details have been rumored alongside the teaser.

Electronic Arts is hosting an event next week to unveil the release of Battlefield 4, but in the meantime, we have gathered some rumored details on the upcoming shooter sequel to developer DICE’s fastest-selling EA title of all time. Battlefield 4 has already been revealed through a promotion for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but it wasn’t until last week that we saw cover art and a teaser leaked.

The teaser is below.

Battlefield 4 is supposedly sticking with its 64 players and larger maps, making for some potentially epic battles.

Among the factions are expected to be the US, Russia, and a possible Asian side, and four classes rumored with additional features.

Battlefield 4 is said to be shipping with the same number of maps as there were in Battlefield 3, and planning has apparently begun already on a lot of DLC. Among the DLC may be more maps, more weapons, and possible gameplay balance tweaks. A premium edition of the game will supposedly be available from day one, including some features that may be available with DLC for the lower-priced version.

Commander and more squad features are rumored to be there, though Commander won’t be the same as it was in Battlefield 2. It supposedly pushes the Frostbite 2 engine even further to give even more details than before.

Plans have possibly been made to integrate Battlefield 4 with its predecessor, and Battlefield 3 might still be supported when the sequel launches. The social aspects of the sequel are rumored to be more expansive.

Many questions are being raised over these rumors, such as whether or not everything you unlocked in Battlefield 3 will need to be unlocked again. If so, this could be a downside that effects future sales and could prompt a patch later on to fix it due to consumer demand. They qualify as rumors for the time being.

What do you think about the rumored details surrounding Battlefield 4?