WWE News: Matt Hardy Reveals How Company Views Him And Brother Jeff

Matt Hardy's future in WWE is currently up in the air, with all signs pointing toward the superstar leaving the company when his current deal expires in 2020. While that's all speculation at the time of this writing, it's evident that Hardy knows that he's no longer a prioritized talent. The superstar further confirmed this notion over the weekend as well after learning that The Hardy Boyz's last WrestleMania return was voted as one of WWE's best ever comeback moments.

Taking to his Twitter account to thank the company for including the tag team on the list, he also revealed that he's aware of their position on the card, suggesting that he feels like an afterthought these days.

"Thanks for the inclusion, @WWE. I know we aren't currently considered top-level talent, but this return left an INDELIBLE mark on pro wrestling history. In terms of legit shock & surprise, as well as happiness & triumph, this one tops the list for many."
The return in question saw the team win the Tag Team Championships in a ladder match. They have won gold since then as well, most recently back in April before they had to vacate their titles when Jeff got injured. Since then, Hardy has been mostly absent from WWE programming while Jeff recovers and tries to overcome his personal issues and woes.

However, Hardy has featured on WWE television in recent weeks, having been squashed by other superstars in a couple of losing efforts. The decision to bring the legendary superstar back without a plan was criticized by several fans, who believe that WWE spoiled a potentially huge return that could have begun a new chapter in Hardy's career.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, WWE's creative team has "nothing" for the veteran at the moment, which is why he's been used as an enhancement talent. WWE decided to bring back squash matches to get more talent over, and Hardy's purpose on the roster has essentially between to job to wrestlers that the company has plans for.

Hardy's future plans have yet to be unveiled, but a recent Twitter post indicated that he has retirement in his sights. Perhaps he was subtly confirming that he'd only be leaving WWE, but the tweet had people speculating that he was hanging up his boots.

However, it's also worth noting that Hardy is friends with AEW executive vice presidents The Young Bucks, so it wouldn't be surprising if he joins the competition. He's still a big name in the wrestling industry, and AEW would allow him to come up with some creative storylines.