Lizzo Slaps Back At Tomi Lahren After Impeachment Controversy, Tells Her To 'Do Better'

This past week President Trump became the third United States president in history to be impeached. The news has divided the nation. Back in September, popular singer Lizzo predicted this by tweeting "Impeachment" with a peach emoji. On December 18, she replied to her own tweet, writing "this aged well."

Controversial conservative commentator Tomi Lahren responded to her, using one of Lizzo's own song titles against her. Now Lizzo is clapping back, according to Harpers Bazaar.

Lahren is strongly pro-Trump and was very vocal about her opinion that he should not have been impeached and that he did nothing wrong. She's been known to go after anyone, famous or not, that speaks out against the president. Thus, it wasn't surprising when she started the online altercation with Lizzo.

"Well @realDonaldTrump is still your president. Truth hurts. #KAG2020," she replied to Lizzo's tweet.

In typical Lizzo fashion, the singer was undaunted by Lahren and let her know it.

"The only thing that hurts is this country is divided by hatred fueled from people like you.. why don't u do better and give ya boy some advice on telling the truth, he's gonna need it," she told Lahren.

Lahren didn't finish her tirade there, but rather replied with more reasons why she feels the impeachment is a "witch hunt". This is a term the president himself has used a lot throughout the past month.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the U.S. House of Representatives made the decision to impeach President Trump this past week due to what many found to be an abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. This all came about due to a now famous phone call the president shared with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who was newly elected to his position.

In the phone call, President Trump appeared to try to strike a deal with President Zelensky, offering him military aid if, in turn, he would look into Democrat Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. He was particularly interested in finding out the reason why an investigation into Biden's son had ended.

Even though President Trump has officially been impeached, he seems to be denying that it ever happened.

On Saturday, President Trump assured an audience of conservative high school students that he isn't going anywhere.

"Their own lawyer said there's no impeachment. What are we doing here?" he asked.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to turn over the impeachment articles to the Senate.