Wendy Williams Doesn’t Accept Camila Cabello’s Apology For Racist Comments, Calls Her A ‘Stupid Girl’

Popular singer Camila Cabello was recently forced to publicly apologize after racist comments from her past resurfaced. The controversial comments were made seven years ago on her Tumblr account and since deleted, but the screenshots have been circulating. Wendy Williams doesn’t accept Cabello’s apology and laid into her during a recent episode of The Wendy Williams Show, according to Yahoo! News.

In the apology Cabello posted on Twitter, she explained that she was only 15-years-old at the time she made the remarks and has since grown and matured a lot. Williams isn’t convinced of her sincerity and slammed her during the “Hot Topics” segment of her show. She dubbed her a “stupid girl,” telling her to “sit down,” to the enthusiastic applause of her audience.

Will the singer’s controversial comments affect her career moving forward? Williams certainly hopes so.

“Will this affect her career? I don’t know, but we can start the march right here,” she said.

Williams went on to say that she doesn’t care for the singer at all, noting that she likes her hit song “Havana” but that is about it.

Cabello has been quiet on social media since posting her apology on December 18. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the singer wants the world to know that she’s changed. She’s not the same person who made those racist comments and is now aware of the pain and history associated with the words she used, as she explained in her apology.


“These mistakes don’t represent the person I am or a person I’ve ever been. I only stand and have ever stood for love and inclusivity and my heart has never, even then, had an ounce of hate or divisiveness. As much as I wish I could, I can’t go back in time and change things I said in the past. But once you know better, you do better and that’s all I can do.”

Cabello concluded her lengthy apology by promising to do better. She assured fans that moving forward she will use her public platform to do good and work against prejudice and hate.

Cabello is hardly the only celebrity to have received backlash about comments they made a long time ago. Comedian Kevin Hart also came under fire in the past year due to homophobic comments he made years ago.

This controversy comes at the end of a successful year for Cabello who topped charts with her hit song “Señorita.”

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