'General Hospital' Teases More Details Into Finn's Christmas Episode

General Hospital is airing a very special Christmas episode on Monday, December 23, and it is expected to thrill fans. It will center around Hamilton Finn, who will recreate the classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. The soap just posted a sneak-peek into Monday's show revealing exactly how his nightmarish story comes about.

The video clip that was shared by ABC shows a bunch of hubbub at GH with everyone getting ready for the annual Christmas tradition of reading a story to the kids. Finn has apparently said something that he regrets in front of Violet and that's when Anna comes to the rescue. This is his first Christmas being a dad. In fact, he just recently found out that he has a child thanks to Hayden keeping their daughter a secret for years. He is learning the ropes of being a father and he is feeling kind of bad saying something about Santa not being real in front of his daughter.

Anna will deter the situation by telling Violet that Santa is real to anyone who believes. Finn will feel bad about what he said and kind of feels like a failure. Anna tells him in the clip that he just needs to open his heart to the spirit of the season.

The next shot is of Monica Quartermaine sitting down in front of the kids with Michael bringing a book for her to read out loud. She sees that it's the story of A Christmas Carol and proceeds to start reading it. The next thing you know, the clock is striking midnight and Finn is seen waking up as Ebenezer Scrooge.

As The Inquisitr had previously reported, General Hospital has delighted fans with the promos for their take on this classic tale featuring Michael Easton as the main Bah Humbug guy. He will be visited by the three Christmas ghosts played by Kathleen Gati, Eden McCoy, and Maura West. They will all haunt him and help him to see his past, present, and especially what his future will look like.

Easton seems to be the perfect fit for the role as Finn is much more uptight than his younger brother Chase. This is expected to be the thing that snaps Hamilton Finn into his role as daddy to Violet. Fans are anxious to see what kind of changes he will make in himself to help him be a better father to his daughter.

General Hospital will not have new episodes on Tuesday and Wednesday, but will resume new shows at the end of the week.