Kelly Ripa Reportedly Stays Cool As Husband Mark Consuelos Loses His Temper At Son’s Wrestling Match

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are a tight-knit family with their three kids, Michael, Lola, and Joaquin. They are all about supporting the many events that come up in their children’s lives. The famous couple took advantage of one of them recently. They attended their youngest son’s wrestling match in Long Island, New York, but it ended up with Consuelos getting himself into a bit of trouble as his temper flared during the athletic event.

TMZ has the video showing the Riverdale star losing it with Joaquin’s opponent during the match. The whole thing was being filmed by someone sitting in the stands. At first, it looked like any other high school wrestling match taking place in the gym, but then Joaquin, 16, is seen getting slapped by the other teen while they were going at it. The referee blows his whistle to stop the boys, however, the other teen appears to keep going for a few more seconds with Joaquin’s headgear getting ripped off his head in the process. That’s when Kelly Ripa’s husband enters into the picture.

Mark Consuelos steps onto the mat looking very unhappy and staring directly at his son’s opponent. At the same time, Joaquin appears to be talking to another adult, who was possibly asking if he was okay. For a split second, it looks like the two boys may have exchanged words. You can then see the other boy taking a few steps back, but Consuelos follows him seemingly trying to get up in his face. Other adults are seen running to the mat as well. One of them quickly deters the situation by shoving the 48-year-old dad back towards the sidelines. The school’s officials were clearly put out with him, as seen in the clip.

The spectators got pretty riled up and many were not happy with Mark Consuelos at all. You can hear some of them yelling at him to get off the mat. One person you could clearly tell was upset by the whole thing.

“Oh wow, no way, no way. Hey, are you crazy or what? Hey, be cool. It’s a f***ing high school wrestling match!” a man could be heard saying.

The entertainment site was reportedly told that Kelly Ripa was sitting in the stands as her husband and son were in the middle of it all. However, she was not seen or heard at all in the video.

Joaquin kept looking back at his dad for a few minutes after he got shoved off the scene. He then continued with the wrestling match, but he ended up losing to his opponent. Mark Consuelos was reportedly so upset that he had to leave the all-day event for a few hours, but then came back later on.

Just a couple weeks ago, Kelly Ripa told Ryan about her family’s Christmas card with her, her famous husband, and their three kids. She talked about how excited she was to finally have a decent one this year with her included. She talks about her family quite often on her morning show, Live with Kelly and Ryan. She may bring up Mark Consuelos’ recent outburst on the show since it’s in the news, but she also could just stay mum about it the whole episode.

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