‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 55 Spoilers: Merus Is Daishinkan’s Trainee Angel

The latest chapter of the popular manga Dragon Ball Super finally disclosed the real identity of Merus. When he first appeared in Dragon Ball Super Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Merus was introduced as the No. 1 elite patrolman of the Galactic Patrol. However, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 55 revealed that Merus isn’t just a Space Police, but also a trainee angel of the Grand Priest.

During their conversation, Daishinkan told Whis that he sent his trainee angel, Merus, to Universe 7 so that he might learn about the way of things and broaden his perspective. Daishinkan said that angels must always act impartially and beyond that single law, there are no restrictions on what they can or cannot do. Daishinkan believes that allowing Merus to become a member of the Galactic Patrol would enable him to observe the side of good and virtue.

However, Whis reported to Daishinkan that Merus has been biased. After hearing Whis’ news, Daishinkan said that he would immediately end Merus’ stint in the mortal realm. However, Whis asked Daishinkan to let him be the one to deal with Merus. Whis explained that though Merus is somewhat taking the side of good in their fight against the evil, he is yet to commit a single violation of their laws.

The previous episodes of Dragon Ball Super may have shown Merus fighting alongside Son Goku, Vegeta, and the Galactic Patrol in their battle against Moro and his subordinates but in those moments, he only used mortal weapons in the battle and not his angel powers. Daishinkan approved Whis’ request but he ordered him to keep a close eye on Merus. Daishinkan said that whether he’s a troublemaker or not, he doesn’t want to lose an angel.

With the current revelations in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 55, it’s now becoming more clear why Merus is extremely powerful and knows the technique popular among the gods, the Ultra Instinct. As of now, it’s intriguing to know what Whis plans to do with Merus. The trainee angel is currently training Son Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in preparation for his next faceoff against Moro.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 55 also featured Vegeta’s training at Planet Yardrat. While Son Goku is trying to master Ultra Instinct with Merus, Vegeta is learning how to polish his spirit with the Yardratians. Though his training has just begun, Vegeta already showed massive improvement with his power when he launched a Ki blast against one of Moro’s subordinates that is causing trouble at Planet Yardrat.

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