‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 54 Hints At Merus’ Real Identity And Connection To Whis And Grand Priest

Since his first appearance in Dragon Ball Super manga, fans have been speculating about Merus’ real identity. Merus was first introduced as the strongest member of the Galactic Patrol, but with his incredible power, fans started to wonder if he’s just a mortal. Though it hasn’t directly answered fans’ questions, the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super gave a major hint regarding Merus’ real identity and his connection to Universe 7’s angel, Whis, and the Grand Priest.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 54 featured Whis visiting his father, the Grand Priest, to inform him about the ongoing commotion in Universe 7 and ask for a favor. The Grand Priest questioned Whis if he wanted him to interfere and save Universe 7 from the hands of Moro. However, Whis told the Grand Priest that angels like him must maintain neutrality, siding with neither good nor evil.

Whis said that he only visited his father to ask about the laws of the angels. Whis was yet to finish his question when the Grand Priest already predicted that it was about Merus. Based on the brief conversation between Whis and the Grand Priest, it seems like Merus is related to angels, or he himself is an angel.

In the world of Dragon Ball, each universe has an angel who will guide and train the God of Destruction. When the universe is erased, the angel also loses his function. Merus might have come from a universe that no longer exists. Whis might have visited his father to ask why Merus is in Universe 7 fighting alongside mortals to take down Moro.

Aside from the conversation between Whis and the Grand Priest, there is another scene in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 54 that showed evidence that Merus is an angel. While Son Goku was eating inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Merus informed him that Moro’s subordinates went to Earth and fought his friends. However, instead of killing them and letting Moro absorb Earth’s energy, they decided to wait for Son Goku and Vegeta to return from their training.

Before they headed back to training, Son Goku noticed another similarity between Merus and Whis. Aside from their appearance and knowledge of Ultra Instinct, Son Goku found out that Merus couldn’t feel hunger like Whis. Merus told Son Goku that his body could survive whether he consumes food or not, which is strong evidence that the strongest member of the Galactic Patrol isn’t really a mortal but a god.