‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapter 53 Spoilers: Goku On The Verge Of Death While Training Ultra Instinct With Merus

After being overwhelmed by Moro, the newest villain in Dragon Ball Super manga, Son Goku and Vegeta decided to go through different training to have a better chance of victory in their next faceoff. The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super featured Son Goku undergoing training with the strongest member of the Galactic Patrol, Merus. As they spent more time together, Son Goku started to notice that Merus isn’t an ordinary mortal.

When he realized that Son Goku is a trustworthy person, Merus became more comfortable with him and revealed that he knows everything about Ultra Instinct. Merus took Son Goku to an inhabited planet and started training him on how to master Ultra Instinct inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Merus revealed that training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber would enable him to use his real power without being noticed by anyone.

As shown in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 53, Merus is indeed powerful. The chapter featured Son Goku being badly beaten by the strongest Galactic Patrolman. Unfortunately, despite all the damage that he took, Son Goku was still unable to fully utilize and master Ultra Instinct. During that time, Merus came up with the conclusion that Son Goku may have managed to unleash Ultra Instinct when he was in “extreme crisis.”

Son Goku admitted that he was in a life-or-death situation when he first activated Ultra Instinct. Ultra Instinct was first introduced in Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power arc when Jiren the Gray deflected the giant energy ball to Son Goku. Most of them thought that Son Goku was blown to pieces after receiving a direct hit, but it turned out that his body managed to absorb the giant energy ball and awaken Ultra Instinct.

The same thing happened when Son Goku was on the verge of suffering a massive defeat at the hands of Kefla and Jiren. However, after the Tournament of Power, Son Goku told Vegeta that he couldn’t use Ultra Instinct at his own will. In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 53, Merus made a dangerous proposal to Son Goku, saying that they need to replicate his previous situations in order to help him unleash the power of Ultra Instinct. Son Goku didn’t think twice before agreeing to Merus’ proposal and urged him to attack him with the intention of killing him.

Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 53 also featured Vegeta undergoing intense training on planet Yardtrat. However, unlike Son Goku, Vegeta is training to have a calm spirit that would greatly help him in unleashing a special Yardratian technique that enables the user to perform instant transmission, duplicate themselves, and greatly increase their size.

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