Sarah Palin Ignores Husband's Divorce Filing In Hopes They Will Reconcile, Report Claims

Sarah Palin is hoping to change her husband's mind about his divorce filing, a new report claims.

The former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate was hit with a divorce filing from husband Todd more than three months ago, but she has yet to respond. As a new report from Radar Online claims, Sarah is hoping that they will be able to repair the broken marriage and stay together.

There could be at least a glimmer of hope in her plan, the report noted. Sarah and Todd are still living together at their home in Alaska and continue to function as a family unit, a source said.

"They're still together," the unnamed source told the celebrity news outlet.

"Todd's not moved out, they're still living under the same roof and together as a family. Sarah's not someone who gives up on anything without one hell of a fight."

"Even though she and Todd have their differences, they do truly love and respect each other as people."

The source went on to say that the couple were taking steps to repair the relationship, though it was not entirely clear what that entailed.

The divorce filing reportedly came as quite a surprise to Sarah. As The Inquisitr reported, Sarah said she learned about Todd's plans to divorce her via an email from her husband's attorney and said it was a shock.

"I'll never forget it… It was devastating, I thought I got shot," Sarah said during an appearance on Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk, via Yahoo Lifestyle.

"Maybe except for the death of a child, I don't know what could be more [painful]."
Todd actually filed for divorce three months after that email was sent, officially filing the papers on his birthday. In his divorce filing, Todd Palin said that the couple had an "incompatibility of temperament" and that the two now found it impossible to live together as husband and wife.
The divorce filing came just weeks after the couple's 31st anniversary. Sarah and Todd Palin have five children together, including four who are now adults. In his divorce filing, Todd asked for joint custody of 11-year-old son Trig, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

As Radar Online noted, the Palin family has endured quite a bit of drama in recent years, including an arrest for son Track last year for allegedly striking his baby's mother. Daughter Bristol also got divorced in 2018 after being married for two years.