December 21, 2019
David Dobrik Launches Massive 'Elephant's Toothpaste' Science Experiment In His Backyard

Popular YouTuber David Dobrik has become known for his chaotic, comical videos that often include pranks and science experiments. Recently, Dobrik pulled off what is perhaps one of his largest and most elaborate science experiments yet, which was something known as 'Elephant's Toothpaste.' The video of the experiment quickly went viral online, according to Nerdist.

The experiment involves mixing hydrogen peroxide, soap, and food coloring to create an eruption of foam and bubbles. This may be something done in a science classroom to demonstrate the effects of the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide becomes an oxygen gas, but is unable to escape due to the soapy water, and thus the foam is produced.

However, to make it more impressive, Dobrik decided to greatly increase the hydrogen peroxide used to perform the experiment on a much larger scale. The results were similar to that of a volcano erupting, sending blue and green foam cascading all throughout Dobrik's Los Angeles backyard.

Dobrik teamed up with fellow YouTuber Nick Uhas who is known for pulling off large scale science experiments. Of course, there were many viewers who were concerned about how Dobrik would ever go about cleaning up this mess. Thankfully, the substance is eco-friendly, as Uhas later explained in a tweet.

"For all those asking how we clean up elephant toothpaste here's a time lapse showing how the foam decomposes back into soapy water (with blue food coloring dye)...then we recycle the plastic," he wrote.

Dobrik and Uhas teamed up to do this exact same experiment earlier this year in hopes of breaking the world record for the largest 'Elephant's Toothpaste' experiment yet. At the time, they thought they had pulled it off. However, they were later corrected by Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer who claimed that he had actually broken the world record because he had used more hydrogen peroxide than they did when performing this experiment himself.

Thus, Dobrik had to try it again. This time, he undoubtedly broke the world record. The experiment was not without some setbacks, however. The eruption was so large that it stained the sides of Dobrik's home blue and ruined his outdoor furniture. Nevertheless, it did result in an impressive video that has already accumulated well over 8 million views.

Dobrik's over-the-top content continues to gain incredible results, landing him a win in three separate categories at the recent Streamy Awards, as The Inquisitr previously reported.