'Fox News' Insists Donald Trump Hasn't Actually Been Impeached

Kristine Lofgren

Over the past few days, Fox News hosts have repeatedly insisted that Donald Trump hasn't actually been impeached. The conservative news outlet's argument has ranged from saying that because the vote to impeach the president went along party lines, it is a "fake impeachment," to citing a legal scholar who argues that until the articles of impeachment go to the Senate, the process isn't technically complete.

According to a report from Mediaite, on Friday morning's episode of Fox & Friends, the show's hosts were thrilled to recount an op-ed from Democratic legal scholar Noah Feldman arguing that if the House doesn't communicate its impeachment to the upper body, the president hasn't actually been impeached yet. As a result, Trump could possibly argue that he wasn't impeached after all if the House doesn't ever send its articles to the Senate.

"So there you've got the word from a Constitutional scholar, who appeared on behalf of the Democrats," co-host Steve Doocy said. "Until they hit send, he's not impeached!"

Guest Host Pete Hegseth added his own take on the argument, saying that it would be akin to not turning in your homework and claiming it was done.

"Until you send your term paper in, you haven't sent it into the professor. So the banner right here should read 'Trump actually not impeached,'" he said, gesturing to the chyron.

The hosts went on to argue that those people celebrating the impeachment and the fact that Trump will go down in history as the third president to be impeached are premature in their happiness.

Feldman did explain that the House isn't under obligation to send the articles to the Senate right away and that they could delay the process and still be within its legal parameters.

On Thursday night, however, Fox News host Laura Ingraham took a different approach to delegitimizing the impeachment. As Mediaite reports, she claimed that because the process was a partisan exercise, the impeachment was "pretend."

"Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff were right about one thing," she said, referencing the House leaders' comments on the historic decision to issue two articles of impeachment against the president. "Yesterday was historic. But not for the reason they claim. It's historic because it was the first time the impeachment process has been used for purely partisan reasons."

It was "America's first fake impeachment," she asserted.

Ingraham went on to cite the Feldman piece and insisted the entire process was a "pretend impeachment" because it was driven by partisan maneuvering -- not by facts.

For his part, Trump has continued to argue the impeachment is a "hoax" and is reportedly shocked that the House had the votes needed to pass the measure, as The Inquisitr previously reported.