Christianity Today Editor Responds To Donald Trump's Attack Calling The Magazine 'Far Left'

The editor-in-chief of Christianity Today isn't letting Donald Trump's critical comments about the magazine go without a response. In a scathing op-ed Thursday, the conservative magazine broke from other right-leaning publications to call for Donald Trump to be removed from office.

Unsurprisingly, given his usual method of blasting his critics, the president lashed out, calling the magazine a "far-left" and "progressive" publication and saying that he would never read it again. Today, the magazine's editor-in-chief responded to Trump's attack, saying that the president was wrong in his description of the magazine. He said the issue of Trump leaving office was so important that the magazine, which usually avoids political issues, was forced to weigh in on the topic, according to Mediaite.

Editor-in-chief Mark Galli made an appearance on CNN New Day after his piece calling for Trump to be removed from office was published. Just as Galli was starting the interview, Trump turned to social media to attack Galli and the evangelical magazine, giving the editor the perfect opportunity to address the comments.

"Naturally, I disagree with him on seven or eight different levels. His characterization of us as being far left is far from accurate," he said. "We consider ourselves and most people consider us a pretty centrist magazine in the evangelical world. It's factually inaccurate we're far left. We rarely comment on politics unless we feel it rises to the level of some national or concern that is really important. And this would be a case."

In the piece, which The Washington Post called "surprising," Galli said that getting Trump out of office wasn't a political matter, but one of faith, as The Inquisitr previously reported. CNN host John Berman asked Galli to expand on that statement.

"There are times, of course, when there are issues that transcend politics. So this — to me, this is one of them," he said. "I grant that the Democrats have been partisan in their efforts to remove the president and at times I think have been unfair. "

Galli went on to say that just as the magazine had said that Bill Clinton was morally unfit to lead the country 20 years ago, so is the current president. He called on Trump's evangelical supporters to reconsider their support. Christianity Today was founded by famous evangelical leader Reverend Billy Graham. His son Franklin Graham is an outspoken Trump supporter, which makes its break with other right-leaning publications all the more surprising.