December 20, 2019
Kelly Ripa Shares Hilarious Post To Instagram: 'I Always Knew Santa And I Had A Lot In Common'

Kelly Ripa shared a hilarious post to Instagram, joking to her followers in a series of two funny photos.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan star reposted a photo she originally shared with her followers on June 15. However, she added a new twist to the pic by following it up with an image of the man who delivers the toys on Christmas Eve.

For the pic, Kelly re-cropped the photo to delete the original green-striped skirt she sported, effectively blowing the image up larger within the photo's frame than the original first picture.

Wearing a white tank top emblazoned with the words "Spiritual Gangster" written across the chest, Kelly showed off her tanned and toned arms in the image, with her blond bob hairstyle spread out behind her head.

Also on prominent display is the tattoo on the inside of her left wrist, "Consuelos," which she inked as a token of her love for husband Mark in 2010.

Open and prominently displayed across her face is the book Am I Dying?! A Complete Guide to Your Symptoms and What to Do Next. The book is authored by doctors Christopher Kelly and Marc Eisenberg where they present a comprehensive, lighthearted guide "for the hypochondriac in all of us," per a description by Goodreads.

In the caption, Kelly spoke about her love for the book as she did in the original post and said it would be a great stocking stuffer.

Following the post, she shared a cartoon from the books' official Instagram page. In the image, Santa Claus is seen seated in a chair, dressed in his iconic Christmas red suit and hat, trimmed in fur. He sports gray boots while reading a copy of the book and munching on a sweet snack of cookies and milk.

Fans thought the comparison was hilarious and shared their sentiments with the Live host in the comments section of the photo.

Kelly's Live co-host Ryan Seacrest also hit the "like" button on the photo as well.

"U still talking so I guess u still have some to live," joked one fan regarding the photo, followed by a red heart emoji.

"Having teenagers and college kids home. I would say I am dying a little bit on the inside. Merry Christmas Kelly!" said another fan, followed by prayer hands and rolling eyes emoji.

"Have the holidays finally gotten to you?" joked another fan to the mother of three.

Kelly will likely share her holidays along with her family, celebrating with husband Mark, sons Michael and Joaquin and daughter Lola. On December 11, Ripa shared the family's stunning holiday card Kelly on Instagram.