Seth MacFarlane And Emilia Clarke End Their Six Month Relationship

Seth MacFarlane Emilia Clarke

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke have ended their six-month relationship.

MacFarlane, who controversially hosted the Oscars last month, decided to part ways with the 25-year-old actress because they struggled to deal with their long-distance relationship.

A source told E! News, “They are no longer dating. It was really a location challenge. She was in Europe shooting Game Of Thrones and he is based in California, so it was hard to make it work despite the distance. They have remained friend.”

The pair were originally spotted together in September and were then seen together at a pre-Oscars party. MacFarlane even gushed about Clarke during an interview before the Academy Awards.

“I will say, she is an incredibly kind, supremely talented person and one of the hardest-working people I have ever met,” stated the comedian.

In the past, though, MacFarlane has confessed that he doesn’t enjoy dating in Hollywood, as casual acquaintances appear to be much more intimate than they actually are.

“It’s a pain, because if you date, at a certain point you’re in a relationship and at a certain point you’re playing the field,” noted MacFarlane.

He then added, “It becomes this thing of trying to find places where you can have some privacy, where you’re not going to be accosted by people and suddenly linked to someone as it you’re in a serious relationship.

Let’s hope that MacFarlane’s recent outburst at the Oscars was the reason for the demise of their relationship.

The writer and director of 2011’s, Ted, wrote and performed a song entitled, “We Saw Your Boobs,” during his hosting stint, and this number has since received an almighty backlash from the female contingent in Hollywood.

Clarke can be seen in the third season of Game Of Thrones, which begins at the end of the month on HBO.