Blake Shelton Jokes Gwen Stefani Suffered ‘Music Abuse’ From Her Parents

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Blake Shelton says his girlfriend Gwen Stefani suffered “music abuse” at the hands of her parents because she didn’t grow up listening to country music. The popular The Voice coach and country music superstar joked about what he called the “abuse” she suffered while growing up in Anaheim, California, and admitted that Gwen has since “fallen in love” with the genre over the past few years.

“It’s just she grew up in Anaheim and moved to Los Angeles — she didn’t hear a lot of country music,” Blake said during a recent iHeart Music performance for his new album, Fully Loaded: God’s Country, per a report from Entertainment Tonight.

“Her parents abused her with this other music they played. It was music abuse, I’m telling you!” he then joked of her musical upbringing.

“She just wasn’t exposed to a lot of country music, but now it’s all she listens to,” Blake then admitted of how his girlfriend’s musical tastes have changed. “I hope she’s okay with me saying that” about her parents.

The star also admitted that his fellow The Voice coach’s newfound love of the musical genre actually doesn’t even have anything to do with him, despite the two dating for the past four years and him being one of the most famous and successful country singers of the past several years.

Instead, he noted that it actually was her West Coast upbringing that held her back, and being exposed to new music recently has really made her a big fan.

“This girl has literally fallen in love with country music.”

Yet, Blake — who recently addressed reports he and Gwen are secretly married — wasn’t quite done there when it came to speaking about the mom of three’s upbringing in California.

The star admitted that the most country side of herself that Gwen showed off before they got together was when he saw an old photo of her wearing a cowboy hat.

“There’s a photo of her when she was a kid with a cowboy hat on holding two kittens,” Blake recalled. “That’s about as country of a thing that I can think of.”

There’s no doubting that Gwen has embraced country music and her boyfriend’s country lifestyle since they first began dating in 2015. The two are often spotted together in his home state of Oklahoma, with the California native regularly sharing snaps and videos to her Instagram stories showing her sporting camo gear.

Gwen’s now no stranger to singing country music, either. The two previously collaborated on the hit “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” and more recently teamed up for another duet, titled “Nobody But You.”