Mom Sentenced To 16 Years For Neglecting Diabetic Child

Mom Sentenced To 16 Years For Neglecting Diabetic Child

A mom was sentenced to 16 years in prison for neglecting her diabetic child. Georgia Jones was charged with causing injury to a child after her daughter Chastity, age 9, died of complications after eating a cupcake in 2009.

Jones was arrested when authorities found her daughter dead next to a half-eaten cupcake and a pile of candy. The mother was held responsible as the 9-year-old suffered from diabetes which was poorly managed.

As reported by Dallas News, Chastity was often sick and weak due to her mother’s negligence. Authorities state that the mother’s failure to monitor her daughter’s diabetes eventually led to her death.

Marqus Butler, Chastity’s father, has supported his wife, stating that as young parents they have always done the best they could for their children. He criticized authorities for blaming his wife when she was mourning the death of their daughter. The couple was reportedly separated at the time, and Georgia had primary responsibility for their five children.

Child Protective Services had previous contact with the family, but concluded that the children were being adequately cared for. They made a home visit just days before Chastity’s death and noted that the children seemed fine.

Several years later, as reported by the Huffington Post, Jones was sentenced to 16 years for contributing to the death of her child.


Doctors with the Dallas Children’s Medical Center have stated that Jones had a history of neglecting to manage her daughter’s Type I diabetes. Chastity was reportedly taken to the emergency room on five separate occasions over a period of two years. Doctors stress that Type I diabetes is manageable, and should never lead to the death of a child.

Jones was charged in her daughter’s death and has been sentenced to 16 years in prison. The four remaining children are in the shared custody of their father and grandmother.

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