Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Suggest Nikolas’ Presence In Port Charles Prompts Plenty Of Scrambling

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This has already been a crazy week on General Hospital, and spoilers tease that Wednesday’s episode could be a stunning one. It appears that Nikolas Cassadine will be at the center of the chaos ahead. It seems as his presence in Port Charles probably won’t be a secret for much longer.

As today’s episode wrapped, viewers watched Charlotte show Laura the photo of Nikolas on Lulu’s phone, saying that he is her secret bodyguard. In normal times, this would have been quite shocking for Laura, considering that Nikolas is supposedly dead. However, considering that Ava recently claimed she saw Nikolas as well, it looks as if Laura will take a moment to think through the possibilities.

While this conversation continues at General Hospital, spoilers indicate that Ava and Nikolas will have a confrontation at her gallery. The sneak peek for Wednesday shows that viewers will see a juicy face-off between these two that she’s fully prepared for this time around.

Ava wasn’t exactly in good condition the other times she saw Nikolas. This time, however, she’s got the upper hand and she has been waiting for him to show up. General Hospital spoilers share that she’ll hold him at gunpoint as she confronts him — this should be quite the conversation to see.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Laura will quickly take action after Charlotte shows her the photo of Nikolas. It seems that Laura will soon meet up with Kevin and Lulu, and what she has to share worries Lulu. Laura’s daughter will note that she needs to talk to Valentin right away, and viewers will be curious to see how much Laura shares with Lulu about what Charlotte has said.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Kevin will be popping up during Wednesday’s show, and General Hospital spoilers suggest it’ll be in connection to the Charlotte situation. The show also brings an intense conversation between Obrecht and Nina, as Nina pushes her aunt to finally come clean. Nina wants Obrecht to share what she knows about the Valentin and Sasha situation, and it sounds as if Liesl might finally do just that.

How wild will this confrontation between Nikolas and Ava get? Fans know there used to be a lot of passion between the two, and these days there’s a lot of anger. One way or another, the sparks will surely be flying at the gallery throughout Wednesday’s show.

Will Laura now realize that Ava was right about Nikolas being alive? When will she come face-to-face with her son? General Hospital spoilers hint that there is a lot more to come as the walls close in on both Nik and Valentin and fans will not want to miss what’s on the horizon.