Kaley Cuoco Shares Plans For Morning Breakfast Show On Instagram, Wil Wheaton’s Wife Has Perfect Title

Kaley Cuoco came up with a creative idea for her own breakfast show. Early Tuesday morning, the actress took to Instagram to talk about the possibility of filming a live morning talk show on the social media platform. Anne Wheaton, the wife of her former The Big Bang Theory co-star Wil Wheaton, suggested the perfect title for it.

Kaley’s followers got to watch her talk show idea take shape on her Instagram stories in a series of videos, and it all started when she woke up too early for work. She’s currently filming The Flight Attendant in New York, and she revealed that a driver was scheduled to pick her up and take her to the show’s set at 7:50 a.m. Unfortunately, she found herself wide awake at 6:00 a.m., and she wasn’t happy about missing out on an extra hour of sleep.

However, having a little free time to start out the day provided her with the perfect opportunity to ask her followers if they liked her breakfast show idea.

“I’ve been getting some great feedback on my morning content. Should I do a morning IG show?” Kaley asked. “Waking Up with Cuoco. I could talk about how I slept, how I make my coffee, and the backstory behind each nightgown.”

Kaley often talks about her nightgowns in the videos that she uploads to her Instagram stories. She revealed that the blue nightshirt she was wearing Tuesday morning was one that she got while filming The Flight Attendant in Thailand. She also recently showed off the cozy pink Huggle that her husband, Karl Cook, got her for her birthday.


A few hours after she uploaded her early morning videos to Instagram, Kaley filmed an update from the set of The Flight Attendant. She informed her followers that she’d been brainstorming with her friends, and they helped her further develop her breakfast show format. The actress said that she’ll start each episode with a conversation about how well she slept, how tired she feels, and what she did the night before. She’ll then chat with a guest.

“And they come on in their pajamas in the morning, and we talk over coffee,” Kaley said. “No makeup, if people will do it. But we just talk in our pajamas about our night.”

Kaley’s initial title ideas for her show included Awake with Cuoco, Mornings with Kaley, and Wake up with Kaley. She later said that her followers were sending her their suggestions. However, one title stood out from the rest.

“Anne Wheaton, yours takes the cake: Wake Me Up Before You Cuoco. That is epic,” she said.

Kaley revealed that her title will include a play on her last name, but she’s going in a different direction. Her final shortlist of possibilities included A Cup of Cuoco, Have a Cup with Cuoco, A Cup for Cuoco, A Cup with Cuoco, and A Cup of Coffee with Cuoco. Fans will have to stay tuned to see which title she chooses.