Wendy Williams Reflects Upon The Last Decade Of Her Career, Says She Was ‘Born To Do This’

Wendy Williams started her daytime talk show The Wendy Williams Show in 2008. Although she’s had her fair share of struggles throughout the years, she has managed to keep the show going for more than a decade now. The television star recently opened up about what she thinks has made the show so successful, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Williams has a love of talking as well as a love for gossip and it’s for that reason she thinks her program has become so beloved by so many. She does things differently than some daytime television hosts, in that she doesn’t just have celebrities on the show for interview. She also talks about the celebrities during her “Hot Topics” segment, covering everything from their fashion choices to relationship drama. This has proven to be her most popular segment, with fans enjoying her bold, hold-nothing-back delivery.

“That ended up being the most popular part of the show. But there was still this thing: ‘Oh, we gotta book celebrities, we gotta book celebrities.’ Look, I like celebrities. I like pop culture. [But] I prefer to talk about celebrities,” Williams said of her thought process behind the segment.

She also credits her New Jersey upbringing for her television success.

“I was born to do this. I’m not a manufactured product. I come from a family of good communicators and so I’m a natural,” she said.

The Wendy Williams Show has triumphed over the years, currently broadcasting in over 50 countries and attracting a whopping 1.6 million viewers a day. The television program, which was previously nominated for an Emmy, has been renewed through 2022. Thus, Williams must be doing something right. Achieving longevity in the daytime talk show genre is challenging and many other big-name stars have tried it without much success.

Kris Jenner started her own talk show in 2013, but it only lasted a year. Similarly, Bethenny Frankel tried it in 2014 but her show had a lifespan that was just as short.

This is a fact that Williams is well aware of.

“There sure have [been more failures than successes], including some very big names with bigger salaries than even I have in my 11th season, who have failed,” she pointed out.

Williams also seems to earn points with her fans by treating them like a member of her family, dubbing them her co-hosts and letting them into the ups and downs of her private life. This past year especially, she’s discussed the topic of her divorce from Kevin Hunter, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

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