Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Meghan McCain On ‘The View’: ‘Girl, Please Stop Talking!’

'The View' moderator silenced her controversial co-star during a heated exchange about impeachment.

Lou Rocco / ABC

'The View' moderator silenced her controversial co-star during a heated exchange about impeachment.

Whoopi Goldberg recently wielded her power on The View. The longtime moderator of the ABC daytime talk show shut down her co-host Meghan McCain during a political discussion on Monday’s live episode. In a video posted by TooFab, McCain, who is known to regularly butt heads with her co-stars, was actually scolded by Goldberg for her bad behavior.

During a conversation about the current impeachment proceedings, McCain said her job is to analyze the politics and not to “litigate the ethics of it.” As View co-host Sunny Hostin interrupted her, McCain told her to let her finish before accusing the panel of not wanting to “hear a conservative perspective on the show ever.”

“Girl, please stop talking,” Goldberg fired back at McCain. “Please stop talking right now.”

After McCain said “no problem” and threatened not to talk for the rest of the show, Goldberg replied, “I’m okay with that, if you’re going to behave like this.”

Goldberg then shut her conservative co-star down completely as she cut to a commercial without letting her respond.

TooFab notes that, as promised, McCain kept her mouth shut during the entire next segment on The View. She did speak when guest Robert DeNiro appeared at the table, at one point telling the movie legend his film Casino is one of her all-time favorites.

On social media, viewers of the ABC chatfest had mixed reactions to the showdown. Some fans felt Goldberg was out of line for not letting McCain speak, while others praised the longtime ABC star for “finally” putting her co-host in her place.

Christmas came early, so glad to see whoopi gather Meghan like a ponytail this morning

— Ashley (@morgan9385) December 16, 2019

McCain also took to Twitter to clarify that talking is part of her job, even if people don’t like what she has to say.

“Pointing out things that are true is part of my job even if it angers people and even if it’s politically inconvenient,” the daughter of the late Senator John McCain wrote.

She also noted that half the country agrees with her, although some commenters felt McCain cowered to Goldberg by silencing herself.

The blowup between Goldberg and McCain is part of an ongoing problem on The View. The show has featured a steady stream of screaming matches this year as the co-hosts talk over one another and make it impossible for viewers to hear what they are saying. Followers on both sides of the conversation are getting frustrated as they vow to stop watching the show in its current format. It doesn’t help that the politically charged Hot Topics discussions have divided the cast.

The View airs weekdays on ABC.