Sofia Vergara Is Freezing Her Eggs

Sofia Vergara Freezing Eggs

Sofia Vergara will freeze her eggs soon in the next step for a possible surrogate. The 40-year-old Modern Family star already has a son, Manolo Gonzalez, 21, but is looking to expand her family.

Vergara revealed her plan to freeze her eggs during an interview with Vogue, explaining, “I have to be careful what I eat because they’re freezing my eggs!”

Along with watching what she eats, the actress also has to take hormone pills and injections to make sure doctors can take as many good eggs as possible. She added:

“They have to be perfect, perfect, perfect ones. My boyfriend [Nick Loeb] is 37, younger than me, never had kids. So.”

Along with making sure boyfriend Nick Loeb gets to have a child, Vergara’s son also expressed his wish to have a sibling. Manolo apparently used to scream at the actress when he was younger, asking her, “Why can’t you have another baby, so you can stop focusing on me?”

There is no word on when Sofia Vergara’s frozen eggs would be put to use, but the actress is apparently in search of a surrogate to have her next baby. She made the choice not to have the child herself because she is reportedly worried what a baby would do to her career.

While she did confirm she would have her eggs frozen, Vergara did not confirm whether or not her next child will be born via surrogate.

Along with speaking about her eggs, Sofia Vergara also revealed she named her first son after Steven Bauer’s character in Scarface. She explained her decision by saying, “I looooved that movie, and I was in looove with Steven Bauer.” But her son wasn’t exactly thrilled with the origins of his name. Manolo apparently wasn’t happy hearing she “named me after a drug-dealer junkie.”

It is not yet clear what Sofia Vergara will do with her eggs once they are frozen.

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