'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers Weekly Video Preview: Adam Makes An Indecent Proposal To Phyllis

The Young and the Restless weekly video preview shows that Adam comes up with an indecent plan for Phyllis, and if it works, he could be rid of Nick and have Chelsea for himself. Plus, Amanda asks Billy a pointed question, and his answer could change everything.

Adam (Mark Grossman) wants to reunite with Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). There's just one problem, though -- she is with his brother, Nick (Joshua Morrow). But Adam isn't one to let a small obstacle like that stand in his way. Because of Connor (Judah Mackey), Adam already has Chelsea living at his penthouse to help their son, and he just needs a little nudge to make sure she feels free to choose him over Nick.

Since his return to Genoa City, Adam and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) have had a begrudging friendship and sometimes partnership. As such, he turns to Phyllis for help in his next phase of winning Chelsea back over to his side, offering her an indecent proposal -- he wants her to seduce Nick. Of course, Adam tells Phyllis that all she needs to do is go after what she already knows she wants. Certainly, she and Nick have had great times together in the past, so it's not that out of the blue to consider that they might start up their relationship again.

The only reason why they broke up last time is that Phyllis testified against Nick's mother and sister during the J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) trial. Since then, she has been on a downward spiral, and Nick was unlucky in love as well until Chelsea's return. Perhaps Adam's proposal is just what the doctor ordered for Phyllis, but she'll have to work hard to convince Nick it's a good idea.

Elsewhere, Billy (Jason Thompson) and Amanda (Mishael Morgan) grow closer. He enjoys talking to her because he feels free to be himself when he's with her. Billy thinks that everything in his life besides himself is perfect, and he is tired of living that way. It's not surprising, though, that Amanda thinks he might have something else on his mind -- an affair.

Amanda comes straight out and asks her new friend if he is looking to cheat on Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Although Billy and Victoria aren't officially married this time, they did have a commitment ceremony, and they are certainly life partners. Amanda wants to know if Billy is trying to have an affair. However, he wonders if that's also what she is looking for.