Indiana University On Lockdown After Gunman On Campus Alerts

idiana university lockdown

Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis (IUPUI) is on lockdown after gunman on campus reports. Student alerts from the Indianapolis campus were reportedly sent via text message to students. The alert stated that a man with a long gun was spotted in a parking lot at Barnhill and Vermont. The students were told to seek shelter.

The gunman on the Indiana University Purdue University -Indianapolis campus was spotted at approximately 1 pm local time. The man with the long gun on campus was spotted by a student walking to her car. The woman described the man as white and wearing a long brown coat. The IUPUI student thought the man was carrying either a shotgun or some other type of rifle.

The student who reported seeing the gunman on the Indiana University campus also stated that the man was standing near a gray or green sedan. The frightened student ducked down low to avoid being seen and did not see which direction the man headed on the campus.

The parking lot where the gunman was spotted is near a dental school. Police officers searched and cleared the parking lot. The law enforcement officers are reportedly in the midst of searching adjacent buildings and parking lots.

During an interview with local media outlets, Professor Trevor Potts described the mood on campus as “tense.” Indiana University Purdue University- Indianapolis student Charlie Elliott posted this description of the unfolding events on Twitter:

“We were in the nursing building, which is pretty close to Barnhill and Vermont. They’ve just moved us into an interior room inside the hospital. It’s us and about 4 other classes all jammed in this room, the anxiety is beginning to grow. Police were well armed and we are locked in this room.”

Riley Hospital for Children and Indiana University Health University Hospital are also both on lockdown. Nearby Crispus Attucks High School is also in lockdown mode at this time.

An additional five police officers have been called to assist with the IUPUI search, according to information posted on the college’s Facebook page. Reaction to the lockdown and reports of an armed gunman are drawing a diverse response from students. IUPUI students both sheltered on campus and who were not at the university at the time of the alert are rapidly posting information and opinions on the IUPUI social network page.

More information about the Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis gunman alerts will be added as it becomes available.