Karen Gillan Shares 'Jumanji' Photography With Hilarious Captions Attached To Each Snap

Trisha Faulkner

Karen Gillan took to Instagram roughly 24 hours ago to share a collection of Jumanji photography featured by Vanity Fair.

As her 6.6 million followers know, Gillan has been especially active on Instagram as of late. This is largely in promotion of Jumanji: The Next Level which was released in theaters yesterday.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie yet.

According to her caption of the collection of photos, she and the other members of the cast were asked to provide captions for the photos. She noted that she probably should have taken the task a bit more seriously.

The first photo in the snap is a black-and-white snapshot of the core cast on the wooden rope bridge that appeas in a scene near the end of the film. The scene features the players racing across moving and swinging bridges as they are being attacked by giant monkeys.

The scene features Kevin Hart's character using his zoology skill to give them information on the monkeys they are being attacked by. Jack Black's character, on the other hand, uses his new skill of Geometry to help them navigate the moving bridges properly.

The second photo featured a black-and-white scene with Hart and Dwayne Johnson. Gillan's caption for the picture noted that it was a "bad photo" because she was not in the frame.

In the caption of the third photo, Gillan reveals that she had a team of women who applied bug spray to her exposed skin.

"I actually have no legs, and four wonderful women construct legs for me out of yogurt and glue. Love those ladies." Karen added to the end of the caption.

The next photo featured a scene from the cast in the middle of the desert near the beginning of the film. According to Gillan's caption, she remembered everything about the scene including their assistant director yelling, "Jake, get out of the frame."

The final photo in the collection featured Johnson using the climbing gear to scale the wall to save the character his grandfather was trapped inside of. Gillan jestingly noted in the caption that "This is how the Rock got to the set every morning."

Writer and comedian Nick Kocher took to the comments section to ask what type of yogurt her new legs were being constructed with. Many quickly responded to the comment commending him on asking such an important question.

A second added, "These are superb, but we needed more you in them."

The comment section also contained a mixture of fans who already saw the movie or still had plans to see it sometime this weekend.

Jumanji: The Next Level is currently showing in theaters.