Jill Biden Says Former Vice President Will 'Stand Up To Bullies' Like Donald Trump

Jill Biden, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate and current frontrunner Joe Biden, spoke with MSNBC's David Gura on Saturday and discussed the possibility of her husband winning the primary and taking on Donald Trump, Newsweek reports. She claims that Trump's alleged pressure campaign on Ukraine and attacks on her son, Hunter, have revealed who the president is, adding that her husband is going to "stand up to bullies" like the real estate mogul.

The former second lady also suggested that Trump fears Joe Biden.

"We never could have imagined it would turn into Donald Trump asking a foreign government to get involved in our elections. I think it just proves that he's afraid to run against my husband Joe Biden."
The 68-year-old educator was also pressed about Elizabeth Warren and her plans for education and revealed that she wasn't familiar with the Massachusetts Senator's platform.
"I don't listen to, actually, Senator Warren. I listen to Joe Biden and his education plan. I think Joe's plan is the best plan out there."
The founder of the Biden Breast Health Initiative also shot down the suggestion that her husband is too old for the presidency and has previously defended the Democratic frontrunner's "experience" compared to other candidates.

"He doesn't need any on-the-job training...from day one, Joe can take everything," she told ABC News in April.

Per Breitbart, Jill also spoke to Gura about her husband's heated exchange with a voter who questioned him about Hunter's work in Ukraine, which has been under scrutiny from Trump and his camp amid the impeachment probe. According to Jill, Joe's reaction can be chalked up to his parental instinct, noting that "any parent" watching the interview understands that if someone attacked their son or daughter, they wouldn't "just sit down and take it."

"You fight for your kid," she said.

The pair previously made headlines when Joe nibbled on his wife's finger at an Iowa campaign event. The moment didn't appear to phase Jill as she seemed to be amused and continued her speech as the crowd of approximately 200 supporters laughed along with her.

Polls currently put Joe Biden ahead in several battleground states, The Hill reports. Some reportedly speculate that the 77-year-old politician could siphon some white working-class support from Trump. Given that this group was important for the president's 2016 win, some believe it could spell trouble for the real estate mogul.

Joe Biden currently has 28.4 percent average polling support, according to RealClearPolitics, which is significantly higher than second-place candidate Bernie Sanders, who has an average of 18.2 percent support.