‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Cheyenne Floyd’s Daughter Going Home After Hospital Stay

Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton’s daughter, Ryder, was recently in the hospital, but the Teen Mom OG star revealed that the little girl is going home after her recent hospital stay.

According to a report from Pop Culture, Cheyenne made fans aware of the hospital stay earlier this week. Her daughter suffers from VCLAD, a rare genetic condition which Cory explained to Us Weekly saying Ryder can’t “process fatty foods into energy.” Cheyenne explained in her post that she is always “extremely cautious” because of the condition. She explained that some may wonder why the mom rushes to the hospital when her daughter has a common fever, but revealed that something like a fever can turn into something “much worse” since the little girl has VCLAD.

She shared a photo of Ryder sleeping in her hospital bed, cuddled up with her Frozen blanket. She encouraged parents to catch some sleep when their children are sleeping.

Cheyenne added, “From the day I brought Ryder home from the hospital, I loved watching her sleep, observing the sounds she would make, memorizing the way she would hold her arms or how she would pout her lips.”

She then talked about finding out her daughter had the rare condition adding, “When I found out she had VLCAD I would have to force myself to sleep when she did but all I wanted to do was watch her. Her condition has taught me so much!”

It seems like the hospital stay helped out Ryder, though. On Friday night, Cheyenne shared three photos on Instagram. Two showed Ryder looking happy and another showed Cheyenne holding her daughter, both looking at the camera. The photos had been liked by over 96,000 of Cheyenne’s followers who have enjoyed getting to watch Cheyenne and Ryder’s story on Teen Mom OG.

Fans noticed that while Cheyenne was by her daughter’s side, her father Cory Wharton was not. Cheyenne addressed the situation on Twitter and asked that Teen Mom fans no longer send their “condolences” about Cory “abandoning” his daughter. She then explained that Cory didn’t even know his daughter was in the hospital, but that Cheyenne had requested it be that way.

She wrote in part, “he would want to come home and it would throw away all the time he has spent away.”

Cheyenne then explained that he would have gotten a call, but only if it were “absolutely necessary.”

Currently, Cory and his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge are expecting a baby together. Taylor recently opened up about the pregnancy and revealed that she was initially pregnant with twins.

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