WWE News: Seth Rollins Opens Up About Current Relationship With Jon Moxley, AKA Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose locks Seth Rollins in a sleeper hold

Seth Rollins criticized Jon Moxley previously after his friend left WWE to join All Elite Wrestling. “The Beastslayer” said that his former stablemate couldn’t handle the WWE schedule, which led some fans and pundits to believe that they were no longer friends. However, earlier this week, Rollins revealed that there hasn’t been any fallout between the pair.

As quoted by Cageside Seats, the former Universal Champion sat down with the Gorilla Position podcast and addressed the issue, insisting that he doesn’t have any problems with Moxley or his decision to quit WWE.

“There was never any beef with him or him leaving at all, at no point. I think some of the comments I made after that were misconstrued. I never had a problem with him leaving or anything like that. I thought some of the stuff he said on [Chris Jericho’s] podcast was a little unnecessary. I thought it was one of those things where he couldn’t handle the pressure. It’s not for everybody at that point, and that’s all I was commenting on.”

Rollins said that he believes the demanding WWE house show schedule — which Moxley called “stupid” — was making his friend unhappy. Furthermore, he noted that the former Dean Ambrose’s long-term elbow injury wasn’t healing as well as he wanted it to. The reduced match load likely influenced his decision as it means he’ll be less susceptible to aggravating his injury further.

During the interview, Rollins said that Moxley had no concrete plans to join other companies when he left WWE, as he just wanted out because he was exhausted. Therefore, his decision to join AEW might have been surprising to his former Shield stablemate and other members of the WWE locker room.

EXCLUSIVE: After being attacked by @TheDeanAmbrose on #Raw, @WWERollins is helped at ringside. pic.twitter.com/Uwc7212RTq

— WWE (@WWE) October 23, 2018

Rollins also stated that he sent Moxley a text on his birthday, which was a few days ago. However, while there doesn’t appear to be any real-life heat between the superstars, Rollins does see Moxley and AEW as competition.

As Cageside Seats reported earlier this year, Rollins said that Moxley was “trying to take food off [his] table.” He clearly believes that AEW poses a threat to WWE’s business interests and his friend is a key part of that.

Meanwhile, Moxley hasn’t discussed any ill will towards Rollins, but he doesn’t contact him as much as he used to either. Recently, the AEW star told Chris Van Vliet (via YouTube) that he only texts Roman Reigns, suggesting that he and Rollins may have drifted apart.