‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Tease That Nelle’s Sketchy Plan Raises Eyebrows As Her Tie To Ryan Comes In Handy

Chloe Lanier and Jon Lindstrom portray Nelle and Ryan on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Ever since Nelle Benson and Ryan Chamberlain met one another at Pentonville, General Hospital fans have felt confident the two would partner in some sort of scheme. It has taken a while, but on Wednesday a plan finally came together. Spoilers for Thursday’s show suggest that there’s more to come as well.

Nelle met with her lawyer Martin Gray during Wednesday’s show and expressed her desperation and frustration over being denied parole and being kept behind bars. Now that she knows about Lucas Jones and Brad Cooper’s accident, she is determined to acquire her freedom and get her hands on her biological son.

Martin said that there really was nothing he could do to spring her at this point. He mentioned that her best bet for getting released would be to have a medical issue that would prove dangerous for her if she were to remain in jail. It did not take long for her to come up with a plan to force her release.

Nelle made her way to visit Ryan and was sugary-sweet as she chatted with him. Of course, Ryan is too wise to be sweet-talked by Nelle and he nudged her to get down to business. By the end of the show, the two had already agreed on a plan of attack, so to speak.

Nelle was found screaming and writhing on the floor, clutching her side, as Ryan stood over her with a bloody scalpel. It appears that they agreed to have Ryan stab Nelle in the kidney in hopes that she could utilize this to get out of Pentonville. As General Hospital fans know, Nelle only has one kidney as her other was used in a transplant to save Josslyn’s life years ago.

Will this crazy plan work? Nelle promised Ryan that she would show her appreciation for his help by getting plenty of new photos of Ava to him. Since Ryan surely knows there’s no chance he’ll ever be freed again, he probably figured that he had little to lose in helping his new pal.

Nelle will surely be taken to the hospital. It may be her plan to escape from there. Ultimately, she would like to be freed legally. However, if that seems unlikely — even with this injury — she will probably resort to less savory means of going on the run.

The sneak peek for Thursday teased General Hospital spoilers signaling that viewers would see what comes next for Nelle and Ryan as this scheme proceeds. In the days ahead, SheKnows Soaps shares that Nelle will be seen playing it cool. That comes during the episode airing on Friday, December 20, although fans will surely see more of her between Thursday’s show and the episode next week.

Fans are quite anxious to see Michael finally learn that “Wiley” is really his son Jonah. It seems as if this bombshell may finally drop soon. Lucas remains in critical condition, Brad is struggling with a lot of guilt, and now Nelle is determined to get out of jail and seemingly grab Jonah. General Hospital spoilers hint that things are about to get quite crazy with this storyline and viewers cannot wait.