‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap: Billy Lies About Gambling

Jason Thompson plays Billy Abbott on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS.
Monty Brinton / CBS

The Young and the Restless recap for today shows a big lie from Connor about Sharon. Plus, Rey supports Sharon while Nick and Chelsea experience a terrible date, and Victoria worries about Billy.

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) talked to Billy (Jason Thompson) about his plans. She offered to help him find a job, but Billy declined her assistance. Then Victoria surprised Billy with the details of a family trip to Telluride to meet up with Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu). Billy was less than thrilled. Not only would he have chosen the beach, but he didn’t want to leave until after Christmas.

Later, Billy went to the bar and relaxed. Billy didn’t need the alcohol, but he appreciated the peace he got away from all the expectations of home. However, Billy got involved in a poker game. He texted Victoria and apologized about his reaction to the trip. Later at home, Billy lied to Victoria about working out. He didn’t tell her about the bar or the gambling.

Meanwhile, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor (Eric Braeden) worried about Nick (Joshua Morrow). They don’t like that Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) is dating one son while living with the other. Nick took Christian (Alex Wilson) to the Ranch to stay with his grandparents so that he and Chelsea could go out for a date. Nikki and Victor expressed their concerns about Chelsea, and Nick admitted that things look bad, but he assured his parents that he knows where he stands with Chelsea. After Nick left, Nikki and Victor agreed that Chelsea and Nick aren’t meant to be.

At Nick’s, Chelsea showed up and told him that she couldn’t spend the night, so they decided on dinner and some wine. At Society, they started to discuss Connor (Judah Mackey), and Nick wondered if Chelsea planned to live with Adam (Mark Grossman) until Connor left for college. During their meal, Chelsea got a message about Connor, and she had to go. Victoria and Nick ended up eating dessert at Society together, and Victoria told Nick that Chelsea needed to decide which brother she’s with.

At Adam’s, Connor and Sharon (Sharon Case) didn’t have a great session. Connor told Sharon he didn’t want to see her. After Sharon left, Connor lied and told Adam that Sharon said mean things to him, which Adam didn’t believe. Adam let Sharon know about Connor’s lies, and Sharon advised him to let Connor know that he and Chelsea won’t accept that sort of behavior. Later at Crimson Lights, Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) talked to Sharon about how much she’s helping Connor, and Rey agreed that Sharon might be Connor’s best hope.