Noah Cyrus Upholds Family Tradition With A New Tattoo Matching Inkings On Miley, Trace, & Dad Billy Ray

On Monday, Noah Cyrus revealed that she now matches siblings Miley and Trace and dad Billy Ray by upholding the family tradition of being tattooed with their last name. According to her most recent Instagram update, her "Cyrus" tattoo -- which looks just like theirs -- was inked on the back of her forearm.

While anyone who has ever seen Noah knows, she is no stranger to getting inked. However, her new tattoo is extra special and has obvious meaning even though many of the others are not so transparent, according to Body Art Guru.

A tattoo previously applied to her forearm in August 2017 shows a black inking of a rose. She picked that symbol to match the same tattoo belonging to her then-boyfriend, Tanner Drayton, which seemed fitting at the time if the source is right about the meaning.

"Rose tattoos basically symbolize love and affection."
Another tattoo, also on one of her forearms, states "stand still" which Body Art Guru claimed was done in honor of Billy Ray. The family patriarch also rocks that tat, which Noah claimed she included for a specific reason.
"Something floated around from my dad's side of the family is just to stand still. It just means that when everything is so hectic in your life and you don't know what to do, just stand still and wait for your heart to tell you what to do, and it will take you to the right place. So, to stand still and take a breath in. It really does help me in certain situations."
The little heart inking Noah has on the left side of her shoulder is one that's easy to see in nearly every photo of the "Lonely" singer. She shares that tattoo with her mom, Tish, who also has a heart on the opposite shoulder of her daughter's. Hers is an outline of a heart, while Noah's is solid black.

Still another of the 19-year-old's tattoo substantial collection commemorates a member of the family who has passed away. Her horse, Constantine, died in 2016, the same year his riding buddy had her inking of his name put permanently on the front of one of her wrists.

Meanwhile, Noah's newest tattoo earned the singer-songwriter a lot of attention after she posted a picture of it on Instagram on Monday. From among her 5.4 million followers, Noah earned more than 168,000 likes and 348 comments. Some included emoji as their message while others wrote words.

At least a couple of fans thought they should also get the "Cyrus" tattoo.

"As an honorary Cyrus, i believe i should get one next," said one admirer.

Others offered affection for Noah's family.

"Big love to you + all your fam!" said a fan.

Like with her new tattoo, Noah likes to share traditions with as many members of her clan as possible. She recently joined the majority of the Cyrus gang for Thanksgiving when she remarked that theirs was a "sober" celebration. Whether or not that was true for everyone present and accounted for was not known, but Miley's little sister was sitting at a table on which bottles of water waited to hydrate whoever decided to participate.