‘I Don’t See A Single Republican Defecting’ On Donald Trump Impeachment, Says Mark Meadows

In an interview with CBS broadcast on Sunday, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows discussed the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump, reports The Hill.

According to Meadows, the Republican Party stands united behind Trump, and not a single Republican will defect and vote to impeach the president.

“Based on my conversations with them I don’t see a single Republican defecting,” the GOP congressman said.

“They’ve looked at the facts they know where we are on this,” he added.

According to the North Carolina Republican, Democrats are not united and some of them might defect and vote against impeaching Trump.

“I think if anything there’s more pressure on my Democrat colleagues. I know there are a few that are out there that are real concerned,” he said.

Meadows also discussed the possibility of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani testifying before the United States Congress, stating that House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, a Democrat, should consider giving the lawyer the opportunity to testify, in order to see if there is “any evidence of foreign intervention in therms of the 2016 election.”

Giuliani reportedly has new information about corruption in Ukraine, and he is willing to share it with Congress and Attorney General William Barr. The lawyer recently spent time in the eastern European country, meeting with prominent Ukrainian figures, including a former diplomat who claims that Ukraine— not Russia — interfered in the 2016 presidential election to help Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Giuliani claims that he has “compelling evidence” about former Vice President Joe Biden and other former Obama administration officials engaging in corruption, and collaborating with Ukrainian oligarchs. Giuliani has yet to substantiate his allegations, but Trump insists that the attorney has new information about corruption in the eastern European country, and that he needs to testify before Congress.

According to Meadows, Giuliani is trustworthy, and Congress “has the obligation” to afford him the opportunity to present the information he has gathered.

“I would trust any information that comes to Congress to be able to be evaluated in a neutral manner,” the congressman said.

The lawmaker also weighed in on the White House refusing to participate in the process of impeachment, defending Trump and arguing that House Democrats are leading an “unfair” investigation.

Meadows’ assessment that not a single Republican will defect and vote to impeach Trump appears to be accurate. The vast majority of Republicans in Congress have stood by the commander-in-chief. This includes lawmakers such as Lindsey Graham, who used to be one of the president’s fiercest conservative critics.

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