Lauren Duggar Shows Off 1-Month-Old Daughter Bella In New Instagram Snaps

Kim Brandow

Josiah and Lauren Duggar's baby girl is already a month old, and they are showing her off in a couple of new Instagram snaps. The photos that were posted on Sunday revealed that Bella Milagro is still smiling away as she was in her earlier pictures.

The two snapshots were most likely taken either before or after Sunday morning church, as Lauren is all dressed up. Of course, she and the rest of the Duggar girls are known for wearing dresses and skirts all the time, but this outfit appears to be a little fancier than her everyday apparel.

The new mom is wearing a dark green pleated skirt that appears to hang down almost to her ankles. She paired the skirt with a cream-colored top and beige heels. Her hair has a few soft curls throughout.

In the first photo, Lauren is seen holding her newborn daughter as she is standing in the baby's nursery. Viewers can see the dark wood of the crib on the left and a rack of children's books on the wall behind them. The room is accented with a hanging green plant near the books and a patterned rug on the floor. Not only is the Duggar daughter-in-law smiling as the photo is being taken, but Bella appears to be smiling as well.

In the caption, Lauren Duggar mentions how happy and content the baby is. One of her followers asked if Bella is always smiling like that, and her mom said that she does. Everyone agreed that she is adorable and expressed how happy they are for the TLC reality stars.

"She is a SO beautiful. Your little Christmas blessing," one person said.

"One month already! Motherhood looks beautiful on you, Lauren! And that baby girl is a beauty too....looks like you!" another fan mentioned.

The Counting On stars learned that they were having a little girl early on in the pregnancy by having a blood test done in their home. TLC posted a clip showing the process of getting it done. Within a couple of days, they had the results back from the lab. Only her sister, Lily, knew the results. The couple found out when Lily threw them a gender reveal party.

Bella was born on November 8 after a difficult labor and delivery. Josiah and Lauren indicated that they are now enjoying every moment with their daughter.