‘Lindsey Graham’s Conscience’ Twitter Account Exposes Senator’s ‘Hypocrisy’

Sen. Lindsey Graham during a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Stefani Reynolds / Getty Images

South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham is one of President Donald Trump’s most loyal allies in the U.S. Senate, seemingly dedicated to defending the commander-in-chief at all costs. Not too long ago, however, Graham was one of Trump’s leading conservative critics.

Although the senator appears to have changed his mind about the president, his old statements are still circulating social media, largely thanks to “Lindsey Graham’s (fake) Conscience,” a new Twitter project meant to highlight the lawmaker’s “hypocrisy,” according to HuffPost.

Created by Barry Rubin, a senior video editor for conservative news website The Bulwark, the Twitter page is a window into Graham’s past statements about Trump. An online archive of Graham’s public remarks, the page regularly publishes video clips of the senator’s attacks on the president.

“If we do not reject @realDonaldTrump and everything he stands for, democrats will have the moral authority,” a recent post parodying Graham says.

“If you want to chide me as #captainobvious, I get it. But let’s be real, @realDonaldTrump loves to insult women, in general,” another tweet reads.

Another recent tweet from Graham’s “conscience” details the senator’s dedication to defending Trump, even if that means burning bridges with longtime friends. Accompanied with a short video of Graham praising former Vice President Joe Biden, the tweet parodies the senator’s recent efforts to discredit the Democrat by siding with Trump, who pressured Ukraine to launch investigations into the Biden family.

“Today I began an investigation into the Bidens. Did the Biden’s do anything wrong? NO. Am I doing this to make @realDonaldTrump look innocent? YES,” the tweet says.

According to Rubin, “no one in the Senate defends Trump more on impeachment than Lindsey Graham.”

“The point is to show that associating yourself with Trump corrupts your soul,” the video editor explained.

Every single day, Rubin shares one short clip of Graham criticizing Trump, and usually accompanies the video footage with a humorous message meant to demonstrate that the South Carolina Republican has done a complete 180, becoming a fierce Trump ally after being one of his main Republican opponents.

Rubin, he said, has more than six hours of video footage of Graham attacking and criticizing Trump. Next week, the Twitter project will expand to cover the senator’s claims about the late Sen. John McCain — Graham famously said that he would “never be able to forgive Trump for saying the mean things” about his close friend.

Others have also taken note of Graham’s ever-changing opinions. CNN host Jake Tapper, for instance, recently blasted the senator for continuing to defend Trump against Democratic accusations, and for constantly changing his views on what constitutes an impeachable offense.