Kelly Ripa Explains Why She Had Plastic Surgery On Her Ear

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Fearless Kelly Ripa will talk about practically anything. In the most recent Instagram post from the Live with Kelly and Ryan platform, updated on Friday night, the 49-year-old talk show co-host reigned over a backstage conversation in which she admitted undergoing plastic surgery on her ears.

The meandering, minute-long clip started out with Kelly practicing to pronounce the name of the designer of her floral dress. However, fashion-forward Erdem wasn’t the only thing on her mind. The mother of three pointed out that she had recently been gifted a couple of initial earrings. Then, she counted her piercings on one ear, coming up with a total of four. The other ear rocked three holes.

After that, she changed the subject to explain her morning rituals. She said she takes time to make sure she looks “frozen in time” and that even botox doesn’t do it for her any longer.

Then, the chatter switched back to when Kelly and her colleague initially had their ears pierced. After her companion explained that she did hers by using a needle and an apple “when [she] wasn’t supposed to” do that, Kelly admitted she did the same thing. She also said that her ear holes are now crooked because of the self-piercing.

Following that admission, the affable conversationist copped to another kind of ear situation. She said she once had gauges and then pointed out where the large holes were before they tore all the way through her lobes.

Since one ear suffered worse damage than the other, a plastic surgeon needed to take out a piece of that lobe, which is now missing. Kelly said the surgeon then needed to sew the ear back together.

Apparently, the gauge rip on the other ear wasn’t so horrible and “recovered” in just the right way.

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Kelly’s ear surgery conversation earned plenty of attention from the Live with Kelly and Ryan Instagram account. The update received more than 6,500 likes and 188 comments within a day of being shared.

“I love you Kelly! And I also pierced my own ears in the early 90’s,” stated one follower, who added a crying-laughing face emoji.

“Girls of the 80’s..heavy earring destroyed us,” remarked a second fan, who added a happy face.

“In high school back in the day I pierced [a friend’s] one ear on glass as a project…used a potato & needle & then we ran out of time..but yes I finished it later…yikes we were 16… and now we are 67…love your show,” a third fan ruminated about her own ear-piercing situation.

“We love you Kelly! Your gorgeous regardless of ripped ear lobe!” exclaimed a fourth Instagram follower.

On Thursday, Kelly turned up on her own Instagram feed to plug a classier topic than ripped ears. She talked about the upcoming CNN Heroes special to air on Sunday in an update in which the talk show host posed with broadcast journalist Anderson Cooper in a throwback snap from 2013 taken during the annual show commemorating everyday heroes.