New Orleans Saints’ Demario Davis Thanks Fans For Support Over ‘Man Of God’ Headband Controversy

New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis is thanking his fans for their support following a dustup involving him and the National Football League (NFL) over his wearing a headband that had the words “Man of God” written on it, Yahoo! Sports reports.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Davis, a devout Christian, had been wearing a headband that said “Man of God” at games earlier this season. However, the NFL, which reportedly pays people to watch games with an eye out for uniform violations, fined him $7,017 for violating the uniform policy once someone in the League’s office became aware of the band.

“Yo, that’s crazy that I just got fined for repping what I believe in,” he said of the fine.

At the time, Davis says, he went to his agent, who told him that Davis could appeal the ban, in part because he (Davis) could complain that he didn’t fully understand the rule, and in part because it wasn’t visible on the field. Indeed, cameras didn’t even notice it until Davis was walking to the locker room after a late-September game. What’s more, his agent told him, his willingness to not wear the band anymore would likely work in his favor in an appeal to the league.

Appeal he did, and in a rare example of overturning a disciplinary fine, the league rescinded the fine.

Davis says that, while his appeal was being processed, he was getting support from his fans.

“My locker used to be, like, full of stuff. And I still get stuff, of people just like thanking me for repping my faith and being strong,” he says.

As it turns out, the incident has sparked a tremendous amount of giving, on Davis’ part and the fans’ part. Davis promised to give the amount of the fine, plus a donation of the amount of money he makes from selling the $25 headbands, and a matching donation from his own pocket, to St. Dominic Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, where his mother once worked. Since he’s sold about 9,000 of the headbands, the total amount of his donation is likely to exceed $300,000.

“God is good. Three-hundred thousand dollars, man? Come on, man!” he says.

The hospital plans to use the money to expand its emergency room.

Meanwhile, the NFL’s uniform rules still stand, and Davis has abided by them. He no longer wears the “Man of God” headband, although he says that he can “rep” God by how he lives his life and not just through what he wears.

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