Dylan Dreyer Of The ‘Today Show’ Says She Thanks God Daily For Finally Getting Pregnant

After a painful battle with infertility issues, Dylan Dreyer is now pregnant with her second child.

Dylan Dreyer poses on the red carpet.
Nicholas Huntt / Getty Images

After a painful battle with infertility issues, Dylan Dreyer is now pregnant with her second child.

Dylan Dreyer is a 38-year-old meteorologist on the Today Show. She is the wife of Brian Fichera and the mother of Calvin Bradley Fichera. She also has a baby on the way. While on the outside it may look like Dreyer has a perfect life, she and her husband have had a painful struggle with infertility problems. It is for that reason she says she thanks God every day for her current pregnancy, according to Today.

Dreyer had a miscarriage before her second pregnancy and despite desperately wanting to give Calvin a sibling, she didn’t know if it would ever happen. It’s precisely because the journey toward getting pregnant the second time was so difficult that Dreyer is so incredibly grateful for it. She recently opened up about how it has affected her faith.

“I feel so grateful because I know it was so much harder this time around. We weren’t sure we were going to get pregnant or what sort of IVF treatments we’d have to go through to be able to have this baby. So every night I pray and thank God for putting us in this situation and giving us this opportunity and not having to struggle any longer than we did.”

Dreyer and her husband will be welcoming their baby, a second boy, in January. In the meantime they have been hard at work preparing their home and getting Calvin his very own big boy room before the new bundle of joy arrives. This included a fresh paint job for Calvin’s room, which Dreyer recently completed along with the help of Fichera.

The couple documented the room’s progress on Fichera’s Instagram page, but were faced with some rather unexpected backlash after Dreyer was seen up on a tall ladder to put the finishing touches on the trim. Some Instagram users didn’t think that she should be taking a risk by climbing the ladder while this far along in her pregnancy, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

But Dreyer didn’t regret getting hands on with this special project and later defended herself from the critics, assuring everyone that she knew her limit and her own capabilities given her condition. She also revealed how important it was to complete this project for her son.

“Call me stubborn, but I’m not stupid and I was very safe and secure. I’m very proud of us! And this video captures our pure happiness!”