WWE News: Seth Rollins Calls His Hell In A Cell Match With Bray Wyatt ‘A Mess’ And Here’s Why


There are a lot of fans who are calling the match between Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell one of the worst in WWE‘s history. It has received a lot of criticism and there have been many who have expressed their displeasure in it, and that now includes Rollins. In a recent interview, the former Universal Champion admitted that the match was “a mess.”

Since that contest took place, a lot has actually happened. Rollins is a full-time member of Monday Night Raw and no longer a champion of any kind. Wyatt, meanwhile, was drafted to Friday Night SmackDown and is the current WWE Universal Champion with a brand new customized belt.

The title change took place at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia after a Falls Count Anywhere Match in which there had to be a winner. The bout could not be stopped for any reason other than a pin or submission, but many fans felt that’s what the Hell in a Cell was designed to be.

When the Hell in a Cell Match was stopped by the referee, fans came down on it hard and talked about how bad it was. Rollins has now agreed with them and said it just didn’t work at all. On WWE Backstage, he revealed the reasons why he feels that way.

Seth Rollins destroys Bray Wyatt at "Hell in a Cell."
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Speaking to the Backstage panelists, Rollins discussed many different subjects. When the Cell match with Wyatt was brought up, the “Beastslayer” placed the blame on the red structure and primarily on the red light that “The Fiend” wrestles his matches in, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

“So that was a mess for me,” Rollins admitted. “Because first of all, you’re in this dark red. The cell is also red and so you’re trying to navigate around the edges of the cell and it’s very tight quarters to begin with. It was a mess. It was very difficult to deal with especially not knowing what was going to happen.”

While Bray Wyatt has been reinventing himself, it has proven to be very successful for him and his new character. Some of the aspects, though, are not always popular with everyone and Rollins has issues with the lighting.

“I for one am not a fan [of the red light]. I think it affects my performance personally.”

Seth Rollins has also taken a turn as many fans have noticed his new mindset on Monday Night Raw, but as he suggested, he won’t be wrestling in the red light again anytime soon.